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     We SHANGDELI ELECTRONIC INSTRUMENT CO.,LTD. is the professional enterprise that always concentrates on researching, designing, producing and marketing with well-trusted, well-respected, well-developed, well-service and a bright future.

     Our company has researched all kinds of balances and scales with original design and ourselves brandNaikesi since 2003, such as high-precision balance, weighing scales, counting scales, pricing scales, platform scales, pole scales, pocket scales, diamond selectors and so on.

    Our products always have many kinds of advantages as fast responding, stable displaying, two displaying selection( LCD/ LED), low power consumption, high-precision and durable quality, and also can be equipped with printing interface.

     We have challenged and overcome a variety of trouble like imperfect design, out of the market, the global financial crisis, etc. So our product not only sell well in domestic market but also better sell in foreign market such as Russia, Germany, Greatbritain, Czech, France, Spain, Australia, Singapore, Burma, Philippines, Malaysia, Argentina, etc.



    Rich experience

    Rich experience

    Years of experience in related fields

    First-rate quality

    First-rate quality

    To control each process, adhere to the quality as the core

    Favorable price

    Favorable price

    To provide you with the best inexpensive electronic instruments

    Professional research and development

    Professional research and development

    Professional technical team provides comprehensive technical support



    Address:Shangtang Jewels& Crafts Estate, Xiuyu District, Putian, P.R.C.

    Tel :400-663-1388

    Email : naikesi@qq.com

    Working time

    Mon- Sat: 8:00 to 17:30

    Sunday off


    Shangdeli Electronic Instrument Co.,Ltd.



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